Hart Pages: Features

Best of breed technology sets you up for success.

 The way customers are searching is changing. They are no longer willing to go to your website and click around to find what they need. They expect results that let them quickly take their intended action — e.g., order food, get directions, book an appointment, RSVP for an event — all with a few clicks and in a few seconds. Yext Pages products provide scalable solutions to ensure that your information is available to consumers across the search ecosystem — and that its always accurate, consistent, and actionable. 


Landing Pages


Showcase each of your locations, events, offices, agents, doctors, and more with dedicated web pages — on any device. Built according to SEO best practices like Schema.org tagging, a fully configurable URL scheme, and a responsive experience across all devices, Hart Pages ensure that consumers see complete, accurate information about your business and AI-driven discovery services have access to the most up-to-date information.

With Hart’s powerful technology, flexible options, and proven best practices, you can be confident that your pages are created with the rich information, design elements, custom calls-to-action, and level of IT involvement that suits your business.


Knowledge Tags


Knowledge Tags, a combination of code and a live API, make your website intelligent by dynamically marking your pages up with Schema.

Our high availability API powers your website using data in the Hart Knowledge Manager — so building and maintaining websites has never been easier — and sends rich analytics back to the Hart platform.


Locator & Calendar

 Do some of your kitchens stay open late? Which of your agents speak Spanish? What events are coming up? Give customers a comprehensive way to view and search for all of your stores, events, branches, offices, agents, or physicians with a powerful, flexible locator or calendar on your website. And because your data is synced directly from the Knowledge Manager, you never need to worry about keeping it up to date.

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Hart Knowledge Manager


  A single source of truth for the public facts about your business.
Your centralized hub to manage all the facts consumers seek about your people, places, and products — from locations, holiday hours, and in-store promotions to parking entrances and professional credentials. With HMBD’s best-in-class, cloud-based platform you’ll harness the power of knowledge to drive internal efficiencies, great brand experiences, and rich customer interactions everywhere online.

Hart Listings


Get found. Everywhere.
HMBD Listings puts you in control of the facts about your business across 100+ digital services globally, including Google, Amazon Alexa, Apple, Bing, Facebook, Yahoo, and Yelp. HMBD’s industry-leading Knowledge Network gives you direct connections to all the places where consumers seek answers about your brand.

Hart Analytics


Bring customer engagement into focus — everywhere.
With information about your brand scattered across the digital ecosystem, it’s never been possible to see a single, complete view of how customers are interacting with your business. HMBD Analytics brings customer interactions into focus — everywhere they occur. Measure not only how well you rank in search, but how many of the facts that consumers see about your business you truly control.

Hart App Directory


  Become a more intelligent enterprise.
Your brand isn’t static, and neither are the facts about it. The knowledge about your business powers more than just the facts consumers see in search results — it also powers your operations and strategy. With the HMBD App Directory (which includes pre-built integrations with applications like Zapier, Hubspot, Zendesk, Domo, and more), you’ll extend the power of your digital knowledge to the systems and processes you use every day. Become a more intelligent enterprise — and make HMBD work even better for you.